Graphic Designing

Graphic Design is all around us words and photographs, the building blocks of graphic design are the factors that carry the majority of the content in both the digital planet and the published world. As graphic design becomes more visible and prevalent in our lives, graphic design as a practice becomes more significant in our culture.
Through visual examples, this course will guide you to the fundamental principles of graphic design: image making, typography, composition, working with color and shape, foundational talents that are familiar in all areas of graphic design practice. I don’t just like you to watch a video of somebody lecturing about design, I want you to Create design if you have the desire to become a designer you have to be a maker and a communicator, so this method will offer you lots of opportunities to get your hands messy with training and with more practical projects. At the end of this course, you will have learned how to explore and analyze visual representation through a range of image-making techniques, understand basic principles of working with shape, color, and pattern, be exposed to the language and skills of typography, and understand and have applied the principles of composition and visual contrast.

Photoshop Course

  • Working with Bitmap Graphics
  • Web Templates, Mobile app UI
  • Application interfaces
  • Designing a web and print Advertisement Media
  • Designing of logos and icons
  • Fabricating content

Illustrator & Coral Draw Course

  • Working with vector graphics
  • Create own graphics with help of line drawings
  • Designing your own character in line drawings
  • Working with Print Media
  • Graphics Concepts
  • Flat Design
  • Superimposed Over Images
  • Extreme size (large and small)
  • Creative use of simple typefaces
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Important Modules

  • Logo and Banner Design
  • Typographic Design.
  • Generic Skills.
  • Basic Information of CColor Theory.
  • Stationery Designing
  • Graphics Principle and Method of Design Introduction to Multimedia.
  • Mockup Designing
  • Printing and Material Designing
  • Creative and Ads Design