Ecommerce Mobile App development

Step ahead before your competitor moves to the next step!

Its time for mCommerce/Mobile Commerce. Its time to bring your e-commerce business to mobile platform with e-commerce app builder & m-commerce app Maker. With the mobile App you can integrate your current product listing from your website right into your ecommerce app and sell, purchase from there itself.

Today’s customer needs a comfort zone for shopping. A medium where they can just click and buy. Team GetEIdeas can help you to create such a platform which will grow your business to the next level.  In April, eMarketer predicted that by 2017, 25% of online retail transactions will take place on mobile.  If you run an online store to sell your products, you probably also have a nicely designed mobile web site, or responsive version of your existing web site, that your visitors can visit on their mobile and tablet devices.

Our Mobile App Development Services –

GetEIdeas is a complete Digital Marketing & Web Development Company which provides best solutions for eCommerce. In mobile app development, we provide end-to-end mobile app development services to our clients across all tiers. We aim to support our clients from the project starting stages to the deployment and maintenance of their mobile applications to help them to go through the entire process. Our mobile application development services include:

  • Android Mobile Application Development
  • iPhone Mobile Application Development
  • iPad Mobile App Development
  • Cross Platform Mobile App Development
  • Mobile App Quality Test
  • Modification of Mobile Apps
  • Mobile App Development Consultation
  • Mobile App Redesign.

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Our Mobile Application Development Process –

Our mobile app development process is follows as:

  • Mobile strategy – The whole Mobile App Development Project in perspective. The objectives, technology to employ, desired outcomes and resources needed.
  • Design – User friendly layout and User Interface Design (U/I).
  • Development – After designing process is completed, the Mobile App is developed at this stage.
  • Deployment and maintenance – Mobile App deployment and maintenance commences. Deployed onto the specific platforms like Appstore or the Android Market.
  • Consulting – Mobile App Development Consultation Services. From Mobile App Development strategy, Mobile App Development, Mobile App Deployment, Mobile App Maintenance to Mobile App Redesign.